Pillow Talk...sshhh!

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Child Abuse continues...
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About the Author

I am a social worker, with ethics rooted in the principles of social and economic justice, confronting all forms of oppression, combating discrimination in all its forms, and working to empower individuals, families, groups and communities


Danielle D. Sweat is a native of the Bronx, NY and a graduate of Florida A&M University. Danielle currently attends Clark Atlanta University, in pursuit of a PhD in Social Work Policy.

She began writing around the age of 12, with her first poem selected for publication in the Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans, 1994 Edition. Her love for writing is coupled with the desire to help others, especially young people considered to be “at-risk.”

Having served in the field of social work for over eight years, Ms. Sweat has become a skilled community social worker, advocate and empowerment speaker.  For more information on motivational/empowerment speaking topics, cultural awareness training, and consulting services; please click here. Last but certainly not least; anyone can tell you that Danielle loves ice cream, poetry, people, and worshipping God.

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Pillow Talk…sshhh! is my first novel to be published.  I am so excited about the possibilities of this heartbreaking story, touching so many people that have similar experiences.  I anticipate soul-searching, empathy and liberation for its readers.  People will find that Madison is closer to their reality than they think.

She is your average sister, cousin, friend or co-worker.  Tears from personal and intimate secrets have consumed her pillow on several sleepless nights.  I am painting that picture for the world to take note of.  For some, a pillow allows guilt and shame to be divulged, without judgment or bad advice.  Instead, a pillow can offer the gentle comfort and support needed, to make it through another day.

Madison Wilson is a 23-year-old young lady that tries to present herself in a cool, calm and collected way.  But like a lot of people, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Her suppressed pain only keeps her bound to the child abuse, molestation and trauma she is trying so desperately to escape.

My passion for writing developed from my own childhood experiences.  While some are quite different from Madison’s; they are nonetheless, poignantly impressed upon my heart and reflected through my pen.  Forever.

3.5 million cases of child abuse and neglect were reported in this country alone, last year. The number of female juvenile court cases has more than doubled over the past 20 years in this country.

As a social worker, I am seeking to engage the reader’s head, heart and hands to think…feel…and act, in response to these numbers! Some things just SHOULD NOT be.

Pillow Talk…sshhh! is more than a fiction or "urban fiction" novel.  This is a story that details a social epidemic in our country that requires immediate action.  Continued carelessness allows young girls like Madison to slip through the cracks and potholes of life, becoming the root cause of why so many other issues plague our families and communities to no end.

I thank you with all sincerity for your interest in Pillow Talk…sshhh! as a source of reading entertainment, but more importantly; for your interest in the reality of so many troubled youth that deserve a better response from us all.  Not tomorrow, but TODAY.