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Webster's Dictionary defines it as intimate conversation between lovers in bed.

But what happens when normality transforms into the unconventional; and the lovers are in fact, you the reader and the pages of a very good book?

You get Pillow Talk…sshhh!

First-time author Danielle Sweat accomplishes this remarkable feat in her new work Pillow Talk…sshhh!

(211 pp.; $12.99 sale price, $19.99 reg price; AlexMax Publishing, Inc.)

In her 23 years of barely living, Madison has learned how to play the cards she was dealt, using a strategy called: Always~Play To Win.  After all, some people say, “When the world gives you lemons…make lemonade.”  But Madison on the other hand would say, “The world gave me parents who abused and abandoned me.  I lived in substandard housing - infested with roaches, rats, drug dealers and addicts.  With perverted adults who got a kick out of mess’n with kids, and nobody [not one single person] that could make it all go away…I ain’t want no lemonade!”

Her story is one of many young girls growing up in environments where adults expose you to situations and people that your young eyes should NEVER see.  She is your average sister, mother, cousin, neighbor, classmate, co-worker or friend.  She is beautiful yet broken.  She is conceited although confused.  She is determined to fake-it-til-you-make-it, keeping all of her deeply rooted secrets hidden...until her nightmares lead to pillow talk – and "pillow talk" tells it all!

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Pillow Talk…sshhh!

Chains Never Meant to be Broken…

Kneeling beside her, I rubbed her beautiful hair, whispering in her ear soft and disgustedly, “Ma, please don’t wake up…Just lay here and sleep. Stop putting us through all this [stuff] and just lay here and die.  Give it up already.  It’s over…you don’t wanna be here, Ma.  Let it go, pleeease.. I won’t be mad at you.  Not no more…I promise.  I know you started calling me “Maddy” because I’m always mad at ‘chu, and not as a nickname.  But I won’t be mad at ‘chu ever again if you do me this one favor.  I mean, you do owe me, don’t ‘chu?”

I paused, try’na hold back the rest of my tears, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I cried for all the years she hurt me; for all the years she allowed grown men to hurt me; all the years she allowed men to hurt her; and for all those years of her life she wasted not being a parent, a friend, a role model… nothing… not one [good] thing.  My tears fell faster and faster as my heart hurt harder and harder.  I said my final goodbyes to my mother because I just could not take it anymore. 

“You’ve made me sick, Ma.  But now, I can find peace, hopefully, if I ain’t messed up for good.”  I looked her frail body up and down…real seriously. “I’m sorry for hating you, Ma.  I really don’t know how to love you, honestly.  But one day, I promise, I will find it in my heart to understand you…and love you…goodbye.”

Just then, the ambulance people busted in the door.  “Let’s get her outta here!” A woman yelled, kneeling to the floor, asking for this and asking for that, and scooping moms up like that was her sister or something.

I just walked away mumbling, “Take ya time…she’s fine now...”

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